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Losing Our Legends

  Loss is hard. Almost everything in sports is governed by the zero-sum principle: someone wins, someone loses (unless we’re talking about a non-knockout soccer match, the occasional NFL game, or the 2002 MLB All-Star Game). […]

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Hockey Is For Everyone?

  Late in the 6th Round of the 2015 NHL Entry Draft, the New York Islanders quietly choose to fill a pressing need along their blue line by drafting a 6’0” defensemen from the Lawrenceville […]

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#PlayerHaters & #RaceBaiters

  They call him the “Game Seven Gunner.” “The Washington Wizard.” “Mr. OT.” “Goal Ward.”1 They also call him a nigger. Freely. Assisted by the pseudo-anonymity of the internet. Canadian-born Joel Randal Ward has ascended […]