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Black People Aren’t Feeling Baseball

  Baseball is regarded as America’s favorite pastime. Its place in the United States’ relatively short, yet storied history is forever entrenched. And just like the country that claims this sport as its own, baseball […]

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How Much A Dollar [Really] Cost?

  As we know, sports is big business. It’s huge. Dinosaur-huge. Everest-the-mountain-not-Everest-the-vocational-school huge. Every year, billions of dollars are pumped into an ever-growing industry that rewards cities across the country with high-level professional competition that […]

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Black Baseball and its Disappearing Superstars

  “Baseball is boring.” That is the common sentiment usually expressed when engaging in Black-folk talk about America’s pastime.  The statistics definitely support a declining interest of Black Americans in baseball.  A 2013 ESPN article reports […]