#ICYMI: It’s because you’re Asian


Now y’all know me. I’m not one to call something racist immediately.

Well, actually I am. That’s beside the point. What is important is that NBA point guard Jeremy Lin gets fouled. Very hard. And somehow never gets awarded a flagrant foul.

What is a flagrant foul you ask? It’s supposed to be defined as “excessive or violent contact.” While that sounds official, no one actually knows what it is. Not even LeBron James. When you think about it, no one really understands anything about what happens in the NBA. Really it’s true.  

Do you know how Stephen Curry hits these shots?

Do you know why the referees can never properly officiate a travel?

Do you know why Andre Drummond shoots 36 percent from the free throw line?

Do you know what DeMarcus Cousins (the dude at the free throw line with his hands on his knees) was thinking about on this play?  

Of course you don’t. These questions have no legitimate answers. They aren’t supposed to. That is what makes the NBA fun. Players perform amazing, indescribable feats. Referees make calls, or don’t, whenever they feel compelled. All things go. It’s like a real-life professional sports version of the Hunger Games.

And within this bizarre NBA world, Lin–formerly known as Linsanity–is a player that likes to attack the basket with ferocity. Oh, and he’s also very Asian. Chinese/Taiwanese-American to be more specific. In a world where Black Americans dominate the basketball, Lin has made a name for himself. The dude has game mixed with the appropriate dosage of swag, and just the right amount of holding gel for his up-do.  

For some inexplicable reason, Lin gets punched, clothes-lined, and elbowed in the face with very little repercussion. One of Lin’s fan made this scathing video, highlighting the NBA’s inconsistency and ineptitude.

Yep. Looks pretty convincing to me

NBA how do you plead after observing the following evidence?  

With respect to the data, over the last three seasons, Mr. Lin ranked 21st among all players in number of drives to the basket with 1,537.   While he has not drawn a flagrant foul in that time, neither have other guards known for their driving ability like Reggie Jackson (2,031 drives), Tony Parker (1,974), Tyreke Evans (1,969), Ty Lawson (1,891), Kyrie Irving (1,649) or Victor Oladipo (1,544).  Conversely, Mr. Lin has drawn more common fouls on those drives than any of those previously listed players and has drawn fouls at the seventh-highest rate among the 23 players with more than 1,500 drives.

Basically Jeremy Lin, you should be happy that you get any fouls called on your behalf. Now, I’m not saying this blatant placating is because Lin is Asian. But this does sound like some “We gave y’all affirmative action so why are you complaining” type of White people nonsense.  

I mean seriously. Is it any wonder why the officials can’t make the right calls on the court? They are too busy doing whatever the f**k this is:

And this:

Oh Joey Crawford.

Look, Lin is obviously getting the short end of the stick. He deserves his calls. All of them. But is it racist? Is he mistreated because he’s an Asian dude in a majority Black league? Maybe. Possibly. I don’t know. Honestly though, I believe that the NBA referees just struggle to do a really hard job well. They are already too heavily engaged in their own shenanigans (and trying to make proper fourth quarter calls) to be racist towards Lin. We’ll leave that to ESPN.