The Time For Change Is Now

I mean, if the Simpsons can evolve...why can't we?


Genesis (n.): The origin, or coming into being, of something.

Evolution (n.): A process of change and development over time.

In 2015, an idea that had been brewing for years finally came to the surface: take a handful of passionate, educated, and (occasionally) argumentative sports fans and turn them loose on all topics race and sports for all of the internet to see. And in that time, the internet saw. Flournoy Over Riley grew in size and stature, as more of the world began to see the conversation we always hoped to start. Our dissection of what happens beyond the box score changed the lens through which some people watch the games we love.

As needs change and the audience grows, our voice must be a reflection of the same. As with all things, in order to thrive in the world there must come a time to evolve into something greater.

For us, now is that time.

2016 is the year of evolution. What began as Flournoy Over Rileypaying homage to one of the great unheralded sports performances of the last decade – has now become The Thin Line Collective: Sports | Race | Culture. Our goal is to continue to deliver the same informative, opinionated, and real discourse that we always have; this is our chance to go even deeper as we further dive into the muddy waters of the subjects no one else wants to talk about. Come with us as we venture forth.

Because there’s only a Thin Line between Sports and Race.


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    Nem de propósito…hoje fazia umas pesquisas e fui direccionada para O Avental. Gostei do que vi e dei mais umas espreitadelas quando reparei, com grande pena, na data do último post.

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