#ICYMI: Black Quarterbacks Acquire Early Training by Running from Police

Sometimes, during the course of a busy day or week, even the most up-to-date person can overlook information that surely traversed the Twittersphere and other national media sites. This, my friends, is one of those times. Fortunately for us all, not only do people constantly find ways to say ignorant, foot-in-mouth type sh*t, but also the internet never deletes anything.

Take a journey with me back to January 2nd.  

While most of the world was bringing in a new year of resolutions that they will ultimately fail to keep, or was preparing to watch the last week of an NFL season that saw Peyton Manning come off the bench in victory and Ryan Fitzpatrick completely melt down and literally toss the New York Jets’ playoff hopes to the Buffalo Bills, there were many other things taking place. That’s right, y’all. Racist things were transpiring on January 2nd, 2016.  

Dexter Manley, former NFL star with quite an amazing glory-to-downfall-to-redemption story and current TV broadcaster, decided that this day was the best time for him to perfect his audition tape for Fox News. As Manley is offering his astute take on the growth of Washington’s starting quarterback Kirk Cousins (who is White), he shares his feelings about then-backup quarterback Robert Griffin III (who is Black):


Dexter. So…



Did he really say “Most of the Black quarterbacks, they like running, cuz they’re probably used to running from the law.”  


Black people have somehow internalized nonsensical self-hating BS to a point where someone like Manley can actually say stuff like this on national television. Twitter had to educate Manley as to why his comments were buffoonery at it’s finest:  


He probably should have been fired. What he said was not funny, as evidenced by the discomfort his White colleagues displayed in the video. What did he even mean? Was he trying to somehow intimate that #BlackLivesMatter, and that Black men have to continually run from harassment and oppression by law enforcement throughout their lives? Yeah, I don’t think his social commentary skills are that advanced.

Unfortunately his comments only perpetuate many detrimental stereotypes that continue to plague Black Americans: that Black QBs are only runners and struggle to be as “cerebral” as QBs of other races (wait, are there QBs of other races?); that Black people are criminals and are constantly in trouble with the law; and that Black people somehow deserve to be profiled, which in some ways gives credence to all of the egregious acts by law enforcement towards Black people in the past few years.  

Unfortunately for Mr. Manley, this isn’t the first time he’s channeled his inner-dumb@ss.  

Dexter, get it together because you’re not helping. Please take all of the seats.   

R.I.P. January 2nd, 2016.