When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong


If you have been reading anything that I have written, you know I love a good racism story. Nothing excites me more than the prospect of uncovering and declaring discriminatory actions in athletic arenas.


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Unfortunately, this is not one of those times.  

Kendall Marshall is a point guard for the Philadelphia 76ers. And somehow his non-NBA playing father became a bigger star than he is. The elder Marshall, Dennis, must really love his son because he went as far to proclaim that the 76ers organization is benching his son due to institutional racist policies which mandate that White players, specifically guard Nik Stauskas, must play as many minutes as possible–even ahead of the Black players.  

Here is what Dennis Marshall had to say about his son’s battle against the racist National Basketball Association.

“How are you a ‘shooter’ and shooting 27% from three. Can’t guard but play a lot. What do you think the reason is?


“I always said there was racism in sports. White guys in basketball are getting every chance to succeed even when they aren’t doing sh!t

So you are saying that White players in the NBA, which is 74.4% Black. are getting an unfair advantage?

I think I’m gonna have to throw a flag on that one Dennis.

Before we break down the sheer absurdity of the assertion that NBA teams are purposefully playing sorry White players over quality Black ones, let’s ask why Kendall Marshall’s dad is using his Twitter fingers to discuss his son’s business in the first place? Clearly he thought his son needed an advocate. He probably believed that he would blow the whistle on all of these covert, underhanded racist dealings from the 76ers organization. However, all elder Marshall accomplished was embarrassing himself and his son. Kendall Marshall eventually had to come out and say “That’s not coming out of my mouth. That’s not my social media. He’s a grown man. It was obviously the wrong time and place to say it, but he said it.”   

Dang, dad. You really put your son in a very precarious situation. Either he sides with the man who raised and nurtured him most of his life and risks losing his job, or he sides with his team and risks hindering his relationship with his father. Both of those options suck. So instead of getting himself into these predicaments anymore, I actually have a little advice for Dennis. Here is what you should probably do?

Now let’s address his claim of reverse affirmative action for NBA players. There are ZERO White NBA superstars in America. The talent disparity is so overwhelmingly Black in the NBA, that only two White American players were named to the 30-player preliminary roster for the 2016 Olympics.  

Even the 5-38 76ers, who only have two White players on their roster, don’t have time to be racist because they are too busy tanking the season to draft another Black college player. The facts are Kendall Marshall is playing on his fourth team in four years–after being signed as a free agent–and he is the fourth string point guard (behind two other Black players). Stauskas is not only the team’s best shooting guard (which is pretty bad), but he is two-years younger than Marshall, and the 76ers only recently traded for Stauskas because they liked his potential. So not only does Stauskas play a different position, he is younger, isn’t coming off of an ACL injury, but the team also invested more to get him.  

So what did we learn here? Dad tried to keep it real. Failed miserably. And he eventually apologized. Next time someone attempts to label racism in sports, lets make sure to get it right.

And when that happens, Flournoy Over Riley will be right there offering our support.

But if you are wrong, I will be sure to call you out.